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We are divas under construction. This is a hard-hat zone.

Equality Regiment [LGBT] intends to be a safe, supportive and social guild for GSM/LGBT* people, and their allies. We welcome all adult members who wish to contribute to our happy little family, to talk, roleplay, to PVE and PVP with us, or just walk around with our awesome tag.

*GSM stands for Gender and Sexual Minorities, LGBT stands for (but is not limited to) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*

Guild leader Contact Info
biosynthetic (biosynthetic.3819)
Trigger (Trigger.1075)
Guild News

Able to do apps again

biosynthetic, Nov 2, 12 2:29 PM.
Member admin stuff seems to be fixed, so everything is in working order again. =)

Dear Aspiring Divas,

biosynthetic, Nov 1, 12 4:38 PM.
Guild portal is being a terrible butt and will not let me even -look- at your applications. The more this keeps up, the more moving web providers sounds like an attractive idea :I

With love,
Your guild leader

LGBT/GSM resources and reads

biosynthetic, Oct 16, 12 2:26 PM.
As of late, I've been looking around for some good informational (or maybe just fun!), related sites/tumblrs/blogs. If any of you divas have any ideas, I can compile them into an article/forum post on our site, for our reading pleasure. Feel free to message me on here, or ingame.

Mail problems, "Access Denied" and such

biosynthetic, Oct 10, 12 4:00 AM.
Fixed this little issue (hopefully?), if not, the workaround is always to access the mail from the bottom right bar.

Equality Regiment on a WHOLE WEBSITE

biosynthetic, Sep 26, 12 9:33 PM.
Getting to work on our guild page, yay
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